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Illustrative photo of celebrities known for promoting deep cleanse facial treatments

Deep cleanse facial $250

Hit the reset button! This facial is for anyone dealing with congestion, perfect treatment to prep the skin canvas to do pre microneedling or laser facials. Starting with a double cleanse, followed with custom exfoliation, pore impurity extractions, high frequency, a light massage & ending with a custom mask. ADD Dermaplaning or LED therapy to enhance the deep cleanse.

VIP Met Gala Oxylight Combo Facial $399

Celebrity favorite treatment, VIP MetGala Oxylight Facial is the perfect prep for a big event, focusing on collagen stimulation, hydration and THAT glow. Starting with Diamond Microdermabrasion for exfoliation, followed with oxygen peptide therapy infusion for deeper product penetration to maximize its benefits and ultimate hydration. To plump the skin we use ultrasound therapy to tighten and lift the skin with 0 downtime.

Illustrative image of a microdermabrasion facial treatment

Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial $299

Vacuum out the dead skill cells! This facial starts off with a double cleanse, followed with extractions depending on your skin concern. To remove the dead skin cells we use our exclusive Oxylight Diamond Dermabrasion machine, ending it with a light massage and custom mask leaving you with smooth, hydrated, glowing skin! Add LED therapy to enhance the benefits of your custom jelly mask.

Before and after photos of a water quench facial treatment

Water Quench Facial $199

Hydration Station! Water Quench Facial is focused on replenishing moisture in the skin. This facial comes with all hydrating products and techniques to address dryness, dehydration, and dullness.

Starting with a double cleanse, followed by an enzyme exfoliant leading into a light lymphatic massage to help with product penetration. Ending with a hyaluronic acid serum + oxygen infusion and a custom electrolyte mask to make sure your skin stays supple and plumped!

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True Gentleman Facial $250

Ever had a beard treatment? This facial includes a deep pore cleansing, an extensive beard exfoliation, high frequency to stimulate hair growth, a deep massage for better product penetration ending with a custom mask catering to the client's skin.

Illustrative photo of a teenager during a facial treatment

Teen Acne Facial $225

A teen acne facial is a skincare treatment designed for teenagers to address their specific skin concerns such as acne, oiliness, or uneven skin tone. This facial involves a consideration to the teen sensitivity steps which include: cleanse, gentle exfoliation, blackhead extractions, high frequency, customized mask and ends with blue light therapy to calm the skin. This facial comes with a custom skincare education to provide a healthy skin foundation for healthy skin habits.

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Lymph-Me-Up Facial $199

This facial focuses on stimulating the lymphatic system to reduce fluid retention and promote detoxification. It involves gentle massage techniques to encourage lymphatic drainage, helping to improve circulation and give the skin a healthier appearance. This facial is ideal for someone experiencing puffiness, fluid retention, or dull skin. It can be beneficial for individuals with sinus congestion, mild swelling, or those seeking a natural way to promote detoxification.

Illustrative close up photo of a young woman's healthy skin

Glass Skin Junkie Combo $399

On the road to glass skin! This facial starts off with a double cleanse followed with Elite laser genesis therapy to rejuvenate the skin. This non-invasive treatment shrinks pores, reduces redness, stimulates collagen and improves skin texture. It's designed for most skin types, especially ideal for clients who want the advantage of no downtime.
Add-ons are available for extra glass skin boost.

Consultation required.

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Peach Fuzz Treatment Facial $175

Get the airbrushed look with our dermaplaning facial, This facial is perfect to remove any peach fuzz, helps brighten the skin while also improving texture.

Dermaplaning is a perfect add on to any of our facials including microneedling and laser treatments. Contact your beauty expert as this facial is not for all skin types.

Buff the Back Facial $299

Can't forget the back! This is a deep pore cleanse but just for the back. Enjoy a double cleanse, exfoliation, blackhead extractions, including a massage and LED therapy to finish and unlock silky smooth and healthy back!