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Oxylight Madonna Facial

Cosmetic Specialist & Aesthetician located in Midtown, New York, NY

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Oxylight Madonna Facial services offered in Midtown, New York, NY

Oxylight Madonna Facial Q&A

What is an Oxylight facial?
An Oxylight facial is considered one of the most sought luxury facials, with its 5-step process that includes; diamond dermabrasion, lymphatic cleansing, a high-pressure oxygen spray, microcurrent, and LED light therapy. The innovative technology helps with collagen production, lymphatic drainage, reduces inflammation, and brightens the skin. This facial is perfect before a bigevent or a special occasion.

How many sessions are recommended?
At Beauty Planet Aesthetic Laser Center we strive to give our clients the best results. We recommend you come in for an Oxylight Facial once a month if your goal is to tackle and prevent aging. City life can cause airborne pollutantsto increase redness, dullness, enlarged pores, and wrinkles on the skin. Oxygen is the number one ingredient in our Oxylight facial which helps rebalance and prevent the skin from any of these skin conditions.

What are the benefits of an Oxylight Facial?
1. Helps collagen production
2. Balances PH balance
3. Reduces inflammation
4. Helps brighten the skin
5. Prevents aging

How much does an Oxylight Facial cost?
The cost of our Oxylight facial can vary widely depending on various factors, including the location, type of facial, expertise of the skin care professional, and additional treatments or products During your free consultation, the board-certified esthetician will first analyze your skin type in order to design the best-suited treatment program. The number of sessions would also be determined as per your skin and problem type.